Palm Readings - These are the map or blueprint of your life,
It will tell you, life, love, children, career, health,  personality
type along with strengths & weaknesses.  This does not
change very often, therefore I would suggest only one a year.  
Please include a photocopy or scanned picture of your
dominant hand.  The more clear the picture - the more
accurate the reading.  You will receive an individual reading
and chart of your palm.   
TAROT READINGS - the cards are designed to pick up the energy around you
and the questions that you would like to have answered.  I use several different decks,
none of which are considered "traditional", the choice is yours and is more  a question of
a preference or connection to the type/style or artwork. Your reading is done by me
not a computer and will be confidential, accurate and enlightening.  You will receive a
reading with a position chart, definition, outcomes and answers to specific questions.  
Please choose from the following:
3 CARD READINGS - past/present/future or love/life/happiness or
body/mind/soul -  

6 CARD READINGS - any 2 combinations from above - $18

ELEMENTAL READINGS - this reading consists of three phases, 6 card
reading, a element spread of 5 cards & 5 outcome cards, it is a more complete reading of
the different facets of your life for the next 3-6 months.  This should not be done more
that once every two weeks or when there have been dramatic changes.   

WHEEL OF THE YEAR READINGS - This reading is a spread that gives you
a card for every month, three focus cards and an indicator card that give you a year
focus and direction.    
INTUITIVE READINGS BY PHONE - For the most accurate, best
connection or for multiple questions, this is your best option.  After
payment has been made, I will email you with possible times that will be
suitable for both of us.  Please have questions prepared.   
One Hour   
$50                Half Hour  $30
you would like a written reading regarding yourself, items,
picture that can be uploaded, this is the reading for you.  I will
sit with the picture, meditate and listen to my guides input -
please include the questions you would like answered and areas I
need to look into.
CRYSTAL READINGS/HEALINGS -  Crystals are nature's
medicine and have many healing properties.  I ask that you send a picture
of yourself or the person who needs energy work, I pick out the stones for
you, charge them to your needs and send them to you to be worn or
carried.  Included will be an explanation of the stones and why they were
picked for you.