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Our offices are located in a beautiful, warm Victorian home built at the
turn of the century... filled with sounds and sights from the other side.
Therefore we prefer to do our readings there. We feel that the abundant
natural forces surrounding our area enable us to interpret the energies
pertinent to the individual or group reading.

We are like minded intuitives that have joined together to offer our
guidance and help to others.

Each of us feels that we have certain gifts meant to be used in a positive

Palm Readings - The lines of the palm are the map or blueprint of your
life, this reading will tell you issues regarding life, love, children, career,
health and personality, along with any strengths and weaknesses.
Your palm does not change very often, therefore I would suggest only one
a year. You will receive an individual reading and chart of your palm.

Card Readings - The cards are designed to pick up the energy around
you and the questions that you would like to have answered. We use
several different decks, none of which are considered "traditional", the
choice is yours and more a question of a preference or connection to the
artwork. Your readings are private, confidential, accurate and
enlightening. You will receive a reading with position chart, definitions,
outcomes and answers. $35

Intuitive Readings - For those of you that can come into the office in
person, this is the most accurate. This reading is for those with specific
areas of interest, where we ask our guides and your guides direct
questions. This reading is scheduled for a one hour time slot, please have
plenty of questions prepared. $35

Crystal Readings / Healings - Crystals are nature's medicine and have
many healing properties. During a crystal layout we will place stones
around the body and on the major energy points in order to balance you
and open a channel to your spirit guides. The whole experience allows for
emotional release, life lessons and increased awareness along with access
to your own intuitive abilities. $40

Any medium type work is incorporated into our intuitive readings. You
are welcome to come as a group or as an individual, the prices are based
on a reading of
one hour.
Anything you can bring will only help, therefore if you have pictures,
jewelry or items from the deceased, please bring them.

Spiritual Guidance/Metaphysical Counseling - For those of you who need
help on your spiritual path or would like safe, private, yet open-minded
counseling that employs alternative techniques this may be for you.
Individual, couples, family service offered by credentialed counselors.

Smudging - Smudging is the Native American tradition of cleansing
space, places and people of negative energy or bad spirits using herbs. We
use our own blend of local sage mixed with cedar. We will come to you
and cleanse you, your family, your house or any space for $40/hour. Or
you can come to us for $25/hour. We also have a packet available for
do-it-yourself which includes a smudge stick and instructions on how to
use it for $10 plus shipping.

We always love a good event or party. If you are planning a get- together
we will gladly come to you if there are
5 or more people for a rate of $25
per person.
For larger gatherings or business events, we are available starting at
$75 an hour.
Also, if you live further than 50 miles and are willing to pay
gas/lodging we will still come to you.

291 N. Shilling
Blackfoot, Idaho