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Terms, Definitions and
What to Expect
Terms and Definitions -
A field of subtle, multicolored, luminous radiations said to surround living bodies as a
halo or cocoon; the term is occasionally used to refer to the normal electromagnetic
field forces surrounding the body. [Latin, from the Greek, “breath of air”]

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of seven basic energy
centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching
forth from the spinal column.

Paranormal acquisition of information concerning an object or contemporary physical
event; in contrast to telepathy, the information is assumed to derive directly from an
external physical source (such as a concealed photograph), and not from the mind of
another person; one particular form of extrasensory perception, it is not to be
confused with the vulgar interpretation of “clairvoyance” as meaning “knowledge of the
future” (for which see Precognition).  

As a noun, a person endowed with a special talent for clairvoyance; not to be confused
with its colloquial usage meaning “a fortune-teller”; As an adjective, involving or
pertaining to clairvoyance.  

Coincidence, In The Paranormal
Two events are said to constitute a coincidence if they occur in such a way as to strike
an observer as being highly related as regards their structure or their “meaning”; to
dismiss such an occurrence as a “mere coincidence” is to imply the belief that each
event arose as a result of quite independent causal chains (that is, they are “acausal”)
and that no further “meaning” or significance is to be found in this fortuitous
concurrence; sometimes, however, a sense of impressiveness is engendered by the
belief that the concurrence is so very unlikely as to have been the result of “pure
chance” that there must be some cause or reason for the concurrence, thus investing
the coincidence with a sense of meaningfulness. See also Synchronicity.  

Deja Vu
French for “already seen,” the feeling or illusion of having previously experienced an
event or place actually being encountered for the first time; also called “false memory,”
or “memory without recognition,” although the phenomenon could conceivably involve
precognitive or clairvoyant information, in which case Frederic Myers gave it the name
promnesia. [From the Greek pro, “prior to,” + mnesis, “memory”]

Practices involving the interpretation of signs or symbols that seek to obtain oracular
knowledge of events. Examples of divinatory practices are geomancy, tarot, I Ching,
sortilege, and reading tea leaves.

The ability to understand the experience or emotional state of another person or
animal. Often used to refer to an apparently psychic ability to experience another
person's sensations, pain or emotions. Cf. clairsentience, intuition.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)
Paranormal acquisition of information. Includes clairvoyance, telepathy and

The non-paranormal ability to grasp the elements of a situation or to draw conclusions
about complex events in ways that go beyond a purely rational or intellectual analysis.

Mental or physical-mental techniques which aim to produce spiritually desirable states
of consciousness.

A person believed to act as an intermediary between discarnate entities and the living.

The art of assessing a person's character and forecasting life events by examining
features of the hand.

Beside or beyond the normal. Inexplicable in terms of our ordinary understanding or
current scientific knowledge.

The paranormal awareness of future events.

An experience believed to foretell future events.

A term used to encompass all paranormal abilities.

Generally refers to the mind.

A person who exhibits psi ability (also used as an adjective).

Paranormal movement of objects.

Paranormal awareness of another person's experience (thoughts, feelings, etc.). In
practice it is difficult to distinguish between telepathy and clairvoyance. See also

Paranormal transportation of objects to a distant place.

Transpersonal Psychology
The study of experiences, beliefs and practices that suggest that the sense of self
can extend beyond our personal or individual reality. The subject matter of
transpersonal psychology overlaps to some extent with parapsychology, but the two
disciplines tend to have different approaches and emphases. Parapsychology is
primarily concerned to investigate evidence for and against the reality of paranormal
phenomena. Transpersonal psychology, on the other hand, is more interested in
investigating the transpersonal significance of such phenomena (i.e., the ways in which
they may give people a sense of connectedness with a larger, more universal or spiritual

What to Expect-

Palm Reading -
When we perform a palm reading for you, we examine the lines in your dominant hand.
These lines tell us your personality, how you deal with life, stresses, relationships,
children, and health issues or concerns. Contrary to popular belief, the palm cannot
tell us when you will die or whom you will marry; it is not a fortune telling tool but rather
a map of your life. Your dominant hand tell of the life you are living, your non-dominant
hand tells us of your spiritual life and also the life you could have lived. Due to the
fact that your palm changes slowly, it is not recommended you have a palm reading
more than once a year. Either in person or through a copy of your hand we will always
provide you with a chart explaining the lines and significance.

Card Reading-
Card readings are designed to read the energy around you at the present time. They
are useful in clarifying your current situation, assisting you with choices, helping you
understand where you are in life, or a general tool for the present and near future. If
you receive your card reading at our office we will have you choose a deck, shuffle the
cards and lay them for us. If you order a card reading we will do this for you. All card
readings come with a detailed chart of which cards were drawn and the meaning. Cards
can be read in several different layouts according to what you would like to know. Our
most popular layouts are 6 card (past, present, future, love, life and happiness),
Traditional Celtic Cross (main issues, strengths, fears, influences and messages), and
Wheel of the Year (a twelve month reading with main themes for each month, theme for
the year and three main influences).

Crystal Layout-
A crystal layout aligns your chakras and improves your overall health and mental state.
When doing a crystal layout we place stones on and around your body to help you
reach a balanced state. This is done on a massage table (fully clothed) and usually
with a blanket and an eye pillow to help you relax. We will have you invite your angels or
spirit guides to help you. Since aligning the chakras opens your own abilities many
people experience a spiritual journey, we will guide you and help you interpret your
meanings directly from your guides yourself.  You will leave this experience feeling
peaceful, relaxed and re-charged.

Intuitive readings involve reading the energy around you and your situation, we also call
upon your guides and ours so that we can deliver the message you need. Intuitive will
give you much more specific information than a card reading. We try to incorporate
Medium work into our readings but can do a reading specifically focused on this. It is
best to have questions in mind and photos or possessions of people you would like to
know about. This is nothing like TV and the movies would have you believe, we do not
enter a trance, we do not take spirits into us, and it is not a verbatim translation but
more of a general interpretation of the message you need to hear.