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Smudging Kits - Smudging is the Native American tradition of
spirits using herbs. We use our own blend of local sage mixed with
cedar. Our kit includes a smudge stick and instructions on how to
use it for $10 plus shipping.

Candles - Many people use candles to manifest the positive
energy they need in their life. We have solid colored candles
available in: Red - activity, vitality, sexuality, Orange - intelligence,
confidence, joy, Yellow - mind, organization, ego, Green - love,
money, nature, Blue - rest, calm, truth, peace, Purple - artistic,
creativity, magic, Brown - grounding, long term money, stability,
Black - absorb negativity and White - protection, purity. $.75
each or 5 for $3.00 plus shipping.

Tarot Bags - Preferred by many card readers for keeping their
cards in an easily accessible and attractive storage container,
these bags are handmade with a liner and drawstring closure.
Available in many colors to match your deck and conveniently sized
at 7"x 9". $15 each plus shipping.

Due to the ever changing costs of shipping, please contact us if
you are interested in ordering. Thank you!